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The Ellis Deck Tarot - Interview

Sometimes when I get a new deck that I really like and have the intention of using often, I like to complete a little deck interview to get some insight on the deck and also to help me connect with it.

Tonight I received the Ellis Deck Tarot by

It's an absolutely gorgeous deck that was recommended to be by my friend @ChantalVRivers on Instagram (GO CHECK HER OUT!)

The deck interview spread used found on Pintrest:

My personal reading:

1). Describe yourself:

PAGE OF CUPS: This deck is going to guide me creatively and allow me to explore so many different ideas, situations, and possibilities! This deck has a lot of surprises in store for me and will encourage me to follow my intuition.

2). What is your strength as a deck?:

PAGE OF PENTACLES: The Ellis Deck Tarot will provide powerful manifestation energy and has a "talent" for helping me with my career, money, and other material things. This will be the deck I reach for when I am wanting to grow my business and need some insight. This deck is a master of new beginnings and will encourage me to pursue new ideas with excitement and an open mind.

3). What is your weakness as a deck?:

QUEEN OF CUPS: I'm afraid if I am looking for someone to cradle me and tell me everything is going to be ok, this isn't the deck for me! This deck will not be good at sugarcoating things and will tell it like it is, even if the messages aren't easy to hear.

4). Describe me:

4 OF SWORDS: haha my first instinct was to give this deck a dirty look for calling me lazy! But now that I've thought about it, This deck sees me as someone that takes on too much and may need to step back once in a while to rest and reflect.

5). What can you teach me?:

5 OF PENTACLES: As I consult this deck, I will learn how to get myself out of seemingly hopeless situations. The Ellis Deck is here for me when I feel stuck and want to give up. It will remind me that there is a way out and things do get better, so don't give up!

6). How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?:

THE LOVERS: I need to always remember to treat this deck with respect and gratitude. I must learn to trust this deck and create a strong connection. As I learn and grow with this deck, we will work together in a symbiotic relationship. I will learn to take the good and the back and keep our relationship as harmonious as possible.

7). What is the potential of our relationship?:

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: As we work together, this deck will drive me to take action on the things I need to work on. When I am thinking about jumping into things too quickly, this deck will remind me to take my time to plan out my next steps to ensure success. This deck will move from a Page to a Knight as I too move from a Page to the Knight.

I am excited to get to know this deck and use it for advice as I continue to grow my business. I know this deck will help me tap into my intuition and creativity as I continue forward.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to comment below and maybe even share some of your own deck interviews!


Wishing you all happiness and abundance <3


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