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As part of the Instagram Live with @the_mistic_adventure_ , we are offering some really cool Book of Shadows / Grimoire / Book of Methods / whatever you want to call it, pages!

The first is a Banishing Ritual that Hallie does. This page will tell you want is needed for supplies, how to set everything up, and the intention of the ritual.

Banishing Spell BOS Page
Download PDF • 1.61MB

The second page is a page I created for creating a Protection Sigil using a "Sigil Wheel." There is no right or wrong way to create a sigil, but this page will give you an idea on where to start and the intention you can speak as you're creating it.

Protection Sigil BOS Page
Download PDF • 1.55MB

Hallie and I also did some pick a pile readings using this spread:

Spiritual Protection Tarot Spread
Download PDF • 2.98MB

Try it for yourself!

I hope you guys will use these pages as part of your own tools and customize them as you see fit! The important thing is to do what feels right in order to protect yourself from the energies you don't want in your life.

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