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Aries Full Moon Tarot Spread

With the full moon in Aries tomorrow (10/1) I decided to complete the Full Moon in Aries Tarot spread by Biddy Tarot (@biddytarot on instagram).

I will put the full spread at the bottom of this post, but first I want to share with you my personal reading. If you are interested in having me complete this reading for you, Check out my BOOK A READING page!

Completed 9/30/2020
Aries Full Moon Tarot Spread

Card 1: What have I brought to life over the last 6 months?

The Knight of Wands is so fitting when I look back over the last 6 months. I've been driven by creativity, often finding it difficult to complete all the creative projects I've started. I've noticed how much my motivation has gone up and my drive to move forward with my ideas has only become stronger. A lot of this I attribute to my Moldavite I wear almost daily. I've noticed how much more motivated I have been since I started wearing it. I find that the passion I thought I had lost for my creative work has been brought back to life and I continue to grow and expand my horizons

Card 2: Where do I need to show up with courage?

Often times I shut myself off from things that are emotional. I don't allow myself to work through past issues and instead I tend to ignore it until it goes away for the moment. This is something I've recognized a lot recently and the 3 of Swords reminds me that instead of pushing everything deeper inside, it's time to face it, deal with it, have closure, and move on.

Card 3: How can I release stress and tension from my body?

When I am stressed, I tend to let it get the best of me. I think about how I react to stressful situations within my job and how that reaction really isn't helping the situation. The Judgement card reminds me to always trust my intuition and always give into my higher self. When I think about this card, I think about always sticking to what I value and what I believe is best. It also offers a bit of peace through spiritual realization and meditation. Knowing that one small situation is nothing compared to the bigger picture of who I am and what I am capable of.

Card 4: What does my inner warrior want me to know now?

The biggest message is this: It is always ok to stand up for yourself. Don't give into other people's idea of you or let you think poorly of yourself. The 7 of Wands shows me that success comes from fighting through all the negative energy others throw you way without giving up. When people doubt you, prove them wrong.

Card 5: Where do I need to become more selfish in life?

The Wheel of Fortune represents many things including: Karma, cycles, and change. When I saw this card the first thing I thought of was owning my Karma in life and not letting other people have any control over it. The things I do and the things I say need to be 100% authentic from my soul. If I fall into the negativity of others, I am attracting negativity to myself. I need to trust that I know what is best for me in the moment and not let others make me feel bad about it. Also, I need to be given the freedom to make choices regarding the phase of life I am in and when it is time for a new one.

Card 6: What do I need to realize in order to dare greatly?

I read this card in two ways: 1). It is ok to take time for myself to grow spiritually, creatively, emotionally, etc. I cannot feel guilt when I feel I need "me time." but also 2). Being in a constant state of "hermit-hood" is cutting myself off from all the possibilities that exist outside of myself. Finding that balance and stepping out of my comfort zone will take me further that I could imagine.


I decided to throw in a bonus card in the center as the theme for the next 6 months.

I definitely feel like I am in a process of transformation. Ansuz is connected with Divine Inspiration, Creation, and Transformation - very fitting based on the last 6 months. I can only hope to continue growing and connecting more deeply with my higher self over the next 6 months.

Again, be sure to check out my BOOK A READING page if you're interested in having this reading done for yourself!

Decks Used:

Mibramig Magical Tarot from Los Scarabeo

The Witch's Familiar Runic Oracle by The White Witch Oracle

Now, here is the details of the spread I used from Biddy Tarot (

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