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Sometimes jumping into something new can

Welcome to Julius Tarot!

As a child growing up in a small town in Vermont, Julius knew he was different. Always drawn to magical and otherworldly things.


At the age of 15, Julius began studying magical readings and understanding the energies he was feeling. When he was in his early 20's, he purchased his first Tarot deck. However he knew the time wasn't right as he was not feeling the connection he hoped to feel. So, he held on to them for about 10 years until the time was right. 


Having been dealing with some depression and anxiety, Julius decided to use the Tarot as a means to work through the hard times. Little did he know that the connection he has with the cards is incredibly powerful. 


Julius has a degree in Psychology and uses Tarot as a way to help people navigate day to day life struggles. He uses the Tarot as a tool to guide you through your issues, offer advice, and discover possible outcomes. As an Intuitive Tarot reader, Julius is able to give you the guidance you've been searching for.   

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